Where Does God Live Today?


Our God is exceedingly great.

You only have to look up at the stars at night to see how wondrous He is as the Creator. When we view the physical universe, we’re awed by His greatness and beauty. Yet though His magnificence fills us with wonder, God sometimes seems far away from our personal universe.

We know God is real, but as we go about our daily activities and even when we pray, it can seem like He’s distant from us, way up in the heavens. At times we might find ourselves asking, “God, where are You?”

We long to access, to contact, to be close to this Person we’ve believed in. And on God’s side, He wants to be close to us, too. In fact, God wants to live in us and to have an intimate and personal relationship with each one of us. So He did some significant things to make this possible.

God created our human spirit

God never intended to be a distant divine Being worshipped from afar by us. This is why God created man with a very special part—our human spirit. Our human spirit enables us to…

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