Fall 2019 - Weekly Bible Studies

Bible Study flyer
  • Weekly Bible Studies : Thursday 11:30am; simple lunch is served around 12pm.
  • Don Bautista room in the back of the cafeteria. See Campus-Center-map .
  • ** No room on Oct.17, using tables by CHC (see map);  In Santa Cruz room on Oct.24.
  • You may also look for the Bibles for America table front side/inside of the cafeteria.
  • Schedule this quarter below:
Week Date Room Topic Speaker? Note
01 09/26 Don Bautista Welcome Lunch Christ in Matthew – The King whom you desire!
02 10/03 Don Bautista Bible Seminar – The King and the Kingdom (Matt.1) Speaker + fellowship Handout
03 10/10 Don Bautista Matt.2 Fellowship in clusters
04 10/17 No room! Matt.3&4 Fellowship in clusters Use tables by CHC (see map); Or, find us at BfA table inside the Cafeteria
05 10/24 Santa Cruz Matt.5-7 Part 1 Speaker + fellowship Handout
06 10/31 Don Bautista Matt.5-7 Part 2 Speaker + fellowship Handout
07 11/07 Don Bautista Matt.5-7 Part 3 Fellowship in clusters
08 11/14 Don Bautista Bible Seminar – The All-inclusive Christ in Matthew Speaker + fellowship Invitation Card
09 11/21 Don Bautista Matt.10 Fellowship in clusters
10 11/28 (Campus closed) Matt.11 Informal off-campus gatherings or self study Thanksgiving
11 12/05 Don Bautista Review & overflow Mutual fellowship together Last week of lecture
12 12/12 Final week

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