Gospel Instructions


Parking during the first week or two of school is difficult to find. There is free parking along Mary, the street opposite of the north entrance of the school, next to the Oaks Shopping Center. There is also 2 hour parking in Memorial park, which is off Mary. Parking on campus is $2, and is very difficult to find the first week of school. It is better to park off campus during that time.

Gospel Tracts and Materials

The gospel tracts, contact forms, and clip board and other gospel materials can be found in our club locker. The club locker is is in the Campus Center. See the map on the school website for its location. It is club room of in the lower level of the Campus Center. Below is a map of the ground level of the Campus Center. The stairs in the lobby lead to the lower level.Campus Center MapThe big room at the bottom of the stairs is the ICC room where we used to have our Wednesday Bible studies (this quarter we will have our Bible studies in the Santa Cruz room). The left side (north side) of the ICC room faces the club room. The club locker is #6. In it are gospel tracts, club fliers, contact forms, BFA fliers, BFA Bibles, and small clip boards for the contact forms. Here is a video that shows how to get to the club locker.

Gospel Activities

You can:

  • pass out gospel tracts and fliers
  • talk to students
  • ask students to sign up on the contact forms

Follow Up

You can keep the contact forms for your own follow up, but please enter the information into the database by creating a user account and logging into the website. You will also be able to log in in the future to keep track as well as update any information.