Welcome! Bring-your-own-lunch Online Bible Seminar

Online Bible Seminar : Thursday April 16, 12pm – 1:15.
Topic: Welcoming Jesus the King
Bring your own lunch, while feasting on His word!

Join via Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/310925910
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12pm: Greeting & Singing
~12:30: Speaking (enjoy the speaking + your lunch)
~12:50 break-out fellowship in small clusters.

Spring Break Special -

Online Bible Study : Thursday April 2 & 9, 12pm – 1:15.
Spring Break Special: 2020 European University Conference

#1: Opening word (to some 31 minutes) | Handout
#2: A Life in the Fellowship of the Gospel, Shining as Luminaries and Holding forth the Word of Life | Outlines

Bring your own lunch, while feasting on His [...]

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