Bible Study 2021-01-28 (Romans 11)

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Hymn 1199 – God’s Intention in This Universe is with Humanity

Bible Study 2021-01-21 (Romans 10)

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Hymns: Now the Lord is the Spirit (video) | Jesus O living word of God (video)

Bible Study 2021-01-14 (Romans 9)

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Hymns: Come Forward (video) | To the Lost World Minister Christ


Welcome! Online Bible Seminar

Recording | Handout | Hymn (video)

Online Bible Seminar : Thursday January 7th, **8pm – 9:15**.
Topic: The Consummation of God’s Work in Romans
Join via Zoom:

8pm: Greeting & Singing
~8:30: Speaking / Studying the Word
~8:50 break-out fellowship in small clusters.