Bible Study 2020-05-07

Topic: Matthew 24-25 (Part 1) – Being Watchful in Life | Handout

*** The recording below starts some 5 minutes into the speaking. It does still contain the central message. Here is a brief summary of the opening word that sets the context:

  • Matthew 24-25 covers the prophecy of the kingdom, which the Lord Jesus spoke in response to His disciples’ 3-part question in Matt.24: 3.
  • In order to understand the Lord’s word clearly and accurately, it is crucial to see the three sections in His answer in Matt.24-25:
    • The first section Matt.24:1-31 concerns Israel, which words should be interpreted literally.
    • The second section Matt.24:3225:30 concerns the church, which words should be interpreted spiritually because it is spoken in parables for the reason given Matt.13:11-13.
    • The third section Matt.25:31-46 concerns the nations, which words should also be interpreted literally.
    • The Lord’s prophecy of the kingdom thus covers all the people on earth (cf. 1 Cor.10:32).
  • Our focus today is on the second section concerning the church, and particularly on watching and being ready (Matt.24:32-44) and the parable for watchfulness (Matt.25:1-13).
  • The recording starts on Matt.24:38-39.


video mp4 (25.9MB) | audio-only m4a (5.8MB)



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