Fall 2021 - Weekly Bible Study Online

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Online Fellowship 1
  • 8pm: Greeting & Singing
  • ~8:30: Speaking / Studying the Word
  • ~8:50 break-out fellowship in small clusters.
Week Date Topic Note
01 9/23 Welcome + Bible Seminar: Genesis – a Book of Life ** Earlier start at 7:30pm; Gen.1:1+; recording etc.
02 9/30 Satan’s rebellion and God’s restoration Gen.1:2-10; recording etc.
03 10/7 Life and Light Gen.1:3,11-25; recording etc.
04 10/14 God’s Purpose as Seen in the Creation of Man Gen.1:26-31; recording etc.
05 10/21 Bible Seminar: God’s Way to Fulfill His Purpose in the Creation of Man Gen.2:1-9; recording etc.
06 10/28 Transformation for Building in the Flow of Life Gen.2:8-15; recording etc.
07 11/4 The Two Trees Gen.2:16-17; recording etc.
08 11/11 Two Sources, Two Lines, and Two Destinies Gen.2:16-17+; recording etc.
09 11/18 Working God as Life into Man to Produce the Counterpart Gen.2:18-25; recording etc.
10 11/25 Thanksgiving
11 12/2 Review Last week of lecture
12 12/9 Final week

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